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Education and training

You will find a wide range of academic and vocational courses at different levels making access to education a realistic option for as many people as possible.  Our aim is to help build knowledge, skills, and self-confidence through lifelong learning, beginning in childhood. 

Courses offered through our mini-campus have been developed to help gear students towards future employability, to meet the needs of business and society, and to provide flexible study options. 

Swedish as a second language

If you are an adult (over 16) and you do not have a basic knowledge of Swedish you have the right to enrol for Swedish for Immigrants (SFI). You will learn to speak, read and write Swedish at different levels of competence, and about Swedish culture and society.  Studying Sfi is free of charge.   


Västerbergslagens Utbildningscentrum (VBU) is the portal to a broad range of study programmes.  Three year senior high school (gymnasium) courses can lead to academic qualifications, and the opportunity for admission to university. Through Särvux students with intellect difficulties can further develop their skills. Adults, through Vux, can access education, vocational training and SFI.  Childcare, healthcare, and special sports training courses are provided by Vård & omsorg. Vocational training courses are also offered by Yrkeshögskola.  Practical training to solve technical problems is provided by Teknik College Dalarna.  

ABB Industrigymnasium  

ABB´s industrial college features three year training programmes which focus on engineering, information technology and enterprise. 

University studies - Distance learning

If you want to study by distance learning there are over 3,000 courses and 100 longer programmes from Sweden´s high schools and universities to choose from. If you need somewhere to work from, Samarkand 2015 provide student services which include access to a work place, a computer, and to study rooms.

Adult educational associations (Studieförbund)

ABF, Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (the Workers´ Educational Association of Sweden) offers a wide choice of short courses which include computer skills, languages, and ceramics.  Fees are payable.

One of the largest study associations in Sweden, Medborgarskolan offers a wide range of courses and training which include dance, music and theatre, culture and history, food and drink, languages.  Fees are payable.

NBV, Nykterhetsrörelsens Bildningsverksamhet (The Educational Association of the Sobriety Movement) offers a variety of informal adult education circles which include dance, music, languages, self-help, needlework, culture and literature. Fees are payable.

Founded in 1967, Studieförbund Vuxenskolan offers a broad range of study circles, courses, and cultural events, more than half of which are in arts and aesthetics. Fees are payable.

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