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History of Ludvika

The city of Ludvika belongs to the cultural historical region of Bergslagen where steel industry and wood workings have been integral parts of local tradition, and the rocks and trees have supported the people for many years.

Ludvika dates back to the 1500´s when King Gustav Vasa first established a hammer mill and canon foundry. It was during the 1600´s  and 1700´s that many local foundries were set up and the iron working industry developed, and as the local mining community grew so did Ludvika´s own Klondike in Grängesberg. 

It was in the early 1900´s that Ludvika began developing an electrical industry, and in the 1930´s and 1940´s that it became a centre for research into and development of high-voltage electrical transmission. 

The city has transformed itself from a mining community to a high-tech centre, and is home to ABB who are known as a world centre for power transmission, and to Sweden´s largest private brewery, Spendrups. 

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