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How to get to Ludvika

Two hours from Stockholm, 110 kilometers from Västerås and 120 kilometers from Örebro, Ludvika is easy to reach by air, bus, car or rail. 

Traveling by air

The main international airport is Stockholm Arlanda 40 km north of Stockholm, 210 km east of Ludvika. Other domestic airports in the vicinity of Ludvika are Dala Airport in Borlänge, 45 km north of Ludvika, and Västerås Airport, 110 km south from Ludvika. 

Traveling by bus

Traveling by bus is an easy and economic way to get to Ludvika. Swebus runs a frequent service from Stockholm Arlanda to Västerås which connects with trains to Ludvika. Nettbuss express run a daily service from Stockholm, and Swebus run regular services from Malmö/Gothenburg via Karlstad, and Örebro/Stockholm via Karlstad. Travelling in Dalarna, Dalatrafik operate the best bus service.

Traveling by train

Using www.resrobot.selänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster you can easily compare travel options by train, bus, boat, plane and car throughout Sweden. You can buy tickets for trains and find information on time tables, railway stations and stops from ResPlus, Swedish Rail (SJ) and Tågkompaniet.

There is a good train service via Gävle, Västerås, Örebro, and Göteborg. There is a railway station at Arlanda Airport with regular connections via Borlänge to Ludvika.

Traveling by car

By car, Ludvika is on route (riksväg) 50 between Örebro and Falun, and route 66 from Västerås.

Distance to Ludvika from:   

  • Karlstad, 175 km
  • Gothenburg, 380 km
  • Gävle 170 km
  • Malmö, 670 km
  • Örebro, 120 km
  • Stockholm, 210 km
  • Västerås, 110 km

How to get around in Ludvika

Getting around Ludvika city centre and the suburbs is easy and economical, whether you are walking, cycling, taking a bus, or traveling by car. Local bus routes are operated by Dalatrafik. You will find maps, time tables and additional information at the Tourist Office, which is located by the railway station. 

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