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Ludvika - a Safe Community

The municipality of Ludvika is accredited as a Safe Community.
Ludvika has a long tradition of active work to prevent accidents. In 1990 the first cross-sectional group was set up to prevent injury and accidents in initial stages. In 1991 the first accident report was presented. The municipality´s health policy program was introduced in 1995 with the aim of reducing accidents, and to work towards accreditation as a Safe Community. The municipality´s primary focus is on children, youth, elderly, athletes and road users.

The municipality of Ludvika was first accredited as a Safe Community by the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion in 2000.

What is a Safe Community?

A Safe Community works with injury prevention. A Safe Community has long-term, sustainable programs covering both genders and all ages, environments and situations, high risk groups, promotes safety for vulnerable groups, and documents the frequency and cause of injuries.

The history of Safe Communities

The Safe Communities concept began its formal existence at the First World Conference on Accident and Injury Prevention held in Stockholm in September 1989. The Manifesto for Safe Communities, the resolution of the conference, states that “All human beings have equal right to health and safety." This is a fundamental aspect of the World Health Organisation´s (WHO) Health for All strategy and for the WHO Global Programme on Accident Prevention and Injury Control. This premise has led to community action around the world - actions leading to Safe Communities.

For further information contact:
Ursula Furtig at the municipality's Environmental Health Protection office (Miljö- och hälsoskyddskontoret) ursula.furtig@ludvika.se, telephone: 0240- 862 28

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