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Waste disposal and recycling

Here, you will find some useful tips on waste disposal and recycling

Sorting out waste items

Sort all household waste, even packaging and soft plastic. Put only small burnable waste items in your refuse bin.
For example:

  • Vegetable peelings, fruit, teabags, leftover food, dish
     brushes, q-tips, small plastic toys (without batteries or
     cables), post it notes, envelopes, dishcloths, rags

Prepare waste items for recycling

  • Rinse, wash and dry items for recycling
  • Clean plastic film wrap with kitchen paper
  • Empty plastic tubes of toothpaste, skin cream or food as much as possible, then close the lid/cap
  • Remove plastic and metal bottle caps and lids, and sort these with plastic and metal packaging

Sell or give away unwanted items

Even when you have finished with something, someone else will often be able to use it. Why not sell it or give it to a secondhand shop.

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