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Dispose of hazardous waste items safely

Hazardous waste items have contents which are harmful to health and environment.

Here are some examples of hazardous waste: Paint, polish, glue, soluble paint, solvents, detergents, pesticide (weed killer), oil waste, corrosive chemicals, whole or base acids, aerosol cans, batteries, mercurial materials, glycol, asbestos.

  • Don’t mix different sorts of hazardous waste
  • Always enclose asbestos waste in plastic
  • Don’t throw hazardous waste in your household rubbish.
    Leave it at the recycling centre or telephone customer services 0240 862 00. Hazardous waste (chemicals) can be collected from the homes of residents living in the municipality, free of charge. This service is
     called “Ring så hämtar vi"
  • Wrap hazardous waste well. Mark the waste clearly with its contents or “unknown”

Medicine waste

You can hand in left over or unused medicine to the pharmacy.

Use the pharmacy’s special transparent bag when you hand the medicine in, and the “safe-clip” when leaving discarded cannulas and needles at the pharmacy.

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