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Local recycling stations and recycling centres

Here you will find the difference between a local recycling station and a recycling center.

The local recycling stations are located close to you, the recycling centres are in Björnhyttan and Fredriksberg.

Local recycling station

At local recycling stations 

You can deposit small household items that can be recycled.

  • Hard and soft plastic packaging - plastic pots, plasti bottles, trays, plastic bags, clear plastic bags, bubble wrap, plastic film, plastic tubes
  • Paper packaging - drink packaging, household and toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, bags, corrugated cardboard
  • Metal packaging - holders for candles and torches, foil, aluminum, caviar tubes, bottle caps and lids, empty aerosol cans
  • Glass packaging - separate out clear and coloured glass items
  • Newspapers and printed matter - newspapers, publicity materials, advertising, catalogues

At recycling centres 

You can deposit other household waste, free of charge.

  • Wood, plastic, concrete, cement, plasterboard, pallets, ink cartridges, bricks, earthenware, pottery, porcelain, glass, ceramics
  • Electrical goods, anything with cords, batteries and electrical fittings, even light bulbs
  • Scrap metal for example bicycles, lawnmowers (with empty petrol tank), gutters, saucepans
  • Anything that is heavy, bulky or hazardous

Ludvika’s municipal recycling centres are in Björnhyttan and Fredriksberg. For opening hours see www.wbab.se/sidor/avfall/atervinningscentralerlänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster or telephone customer services on 0240-309 90 or Björnhyttan on 0240-309 70.

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