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Working in Ludvika

You will find work opportunities in a variety of sectors and industries, within multi-national companies, small and medium sized companies. 
Here, you will find some helpful information whether you are looking for work as an employee, starting your own business, relocating your activities, or expanding operations in the Ludvika area.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, relocating your activities, or expanding operations in the Ludvika area, our Trade and Industry Agency can give you advice and support. 

If your partner has found work in the Ludvika area, Samarkand 2015 can help you to find employment or training.

If you are looking for work, the Swedish Public Employment Services (Arbetsförmedling) job vacancy site is the largest and most used in the country.  As well as posting job vacancies it features a ‘my CV´ section where you can present yourself to prospective employers.  You will find contact details for private recruitment and temporary agencies (bemanning och rekrytering företag) in the telephone directory and on eniro.  Job vacancies are also announced in the local newspapers, Ludvika Nya Tidning and Dalademokraten.  Nearly all the job vacancies are in Swedish, and most employers require you to have at least a basic knowledge of the Swedish language. 

The ten largest employers in the Ludvika area are:

  • ABB - technology-based provider of power and automation products, systems, solutions, and services
  • Ludvika kommun
  • Region Dalarna - providers of healthcare, medical care and some regional activities
  • Samhall - a State-owned company that provides meaningful work that furthers the development of people with disabilities
  • Skatteverket (Storföretagsregionen, punktskatter) - tax office
  • Spendrups Bryggeri - Sweden´s largest privately owned brewery    
  • VBU, Västerbergslagens utbildningscentrum - providers of academic and vocational education

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